Affordable Renovations

Transforming Distressed Houses Into Family Homes


Purchased:      January, 2011

Sold:                July, 2011


Purchase Price:                                               $  55,000.00

Rehab Costs:                                                   $  39,100.00

Total Project Cost:                                           $  94,100.00


Sale Price:                                                       $108,500.00


Profit:                                              $14,400.00 (13%)



Repair soffit/fascia around exterior of home

Paint exterior of home/driveway


Replace screening on lanai/install new rivets on frame

Service pool and pump

Repair and paint pool decking/patio

Repair hot tub surround

Rework layout of master bedroom entrance door and closet

Build out master bedroom closet/install bypass doors and shelving

Master bathroom – complete remodel


9180 Pineapple road

estero, florida