Nancy Horanzy


Affordable Renovations was formed by Nancy in September of 2010, and is certified with the State of Connecticut as 100% woman owned business.

Nancy has been an active real estate investor and business owner in northern Connecticut as well as southwest Florida for over six (6) years.  Nancy is also co-owner of two (2) other real estate related businesses as well as a licensed Realtor with more than seventeen (17) years of experience.  Additionally, she has a broad working knowledge of carpentry and painting with years of hands on experience.

Affordable Renovations

Transforming Distressed Houses Into Family Homes

​​The future

With changes in the residential single family home market, Affordable Renovations will be starting new construction of modular homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts and duplex/quadraplex homes in Naples, Florida, in 2016 and 2017.

Nancy Horanzy,Founder