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To potential investors,

Pinnacle Financial Services, LLC, is Connecticut’s leading private lender specializing in short-term single family renovation funding.  We are a direct private lender providing acquisition and rehab loans for
qualified real estate investors throughout Connecticut.

Nancy Horanzy has been a client for over three years. To date we have funded six real estate projects in Connecticut for her and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship. Nancy does what she says she will do, is very detail oriented, and stays in touch with us throughout her rehab projects.  Pinnacle does not offer funding outside of Connecticut, if we did, we would be more than happy to service her. 

You can reach me at my office at 860-218-2278.

Ian Cohen, Member

I have know Nancy for over 10 years.  We did business together when the company I worked for used temporary staffing from the company Nancy owns with her partner, Richard.  About six years ago, Nancy began buying, fixing, and renting duplexes and triplexes.  After owning several properties in different locations, she decided to hire a property manager and began fixing and flipping homes. 

About three years ago, Nancy approached me bout partially funding some of her flips.  She told me I could it with my Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and get a handsome return.  At the same time, my IRA was secured by the real estate she was buying.  She guided me through the process of moving my IRA to a self-directed IRA account with Equity Trust Company.

Of course, I was somewhat skeptical, however, I knew Nancy had done well in her business and one of my best firneds was already investing in funding Nancy's properties for flipping.  He told me that Nancy guided him through the process returing the monies with interest to my account at Equity Trust.  n the last rhee years, I have had my IRA fund a number of properties, and I have told her when the money goes back to my account, that I want her to move it into a new property so that my IRA keeps making money!

I feel comfortable saying that this is so much better than my IRA sitting in a Mutual Fund losing money.  I find Nancy to be a person of integrity.

N.M. - IRA Investor

I moved my IRA money a couple of years ago since I was not happy (losing money) where my financial planner advised me to put my money in mutual funds over eight years ago. Nancy approached me on the idea using my IRA to invest in real estate with a more predictable and better rate of return as
well as less risky way to invest. She helped me of move my (poor performing) IRA to a self-directed IRA. Nancy introduced me to a nationally-trusted custodial company in which I could have them move my IRA to invest in Nancy’s company that buys and sells real estate and my IRA is secured by the real estate.

It’s been a great two years of earning a high interest on my IRA without the worry of what the (stock) market is doing. More important is that Nancy pays attention to details; from making sure the paper work is done correctly as well as following up when the money is transferred back into my account once the term of my loan has expired. She takes care of everything from A to Z.

I have recommended a couple of my friends about this better way of investing, more importantly, to invest with Nancy. I am careful on who and to whom I recommend. I like the way Nancy conducts business.

R.B. – IRA Investor  

Please accept this letter as a personal reference and recommendation for Nancy Horanzy.

I have worked with Nancy for over 15 years in various capacities.  From our initial meeting to
present day, I have always admired the detail and knowledge that she brings to her work.  She is very thorough and well versed in her projects.  I believe she has a tremendous ability to position her company and her projects to have an advantage in a competitive market.

She has built her real estate and remodeling business with the premise of providing a higher end product at a price point that is at a very competitive in the surrounding market. Her business model has proven successful.  

Nancy is driven, detailed and professional.  She is pleasant to deal with and extremely helpful.  Nancy completes projects in a rapid time frame.  From the purchase, through the design and construction to the sale, she gets it done in minimal time and maximum efficiency.  It is why I trust her and invest in her projects. 

 MP - IRA/Cash Investor

I have had the opportunity to work with Nancy Horanzy for the past few months on several flip projects in the Naples area.  Nancy understands the market and how to analyze the numbers and future trends. In addition, Nancy has a keen eye for looking at distressed properties and visualizing the end product that consumers want and need.  She understands the consumer’s end game mindset and does not over improve the projects but brings enough “wow” factor that entices the buyers to fall in love with the home. 

Our current project in Mustang Villas in Lely Resort, Nancy turned a bland “original” all white worn villa to a current updated home in less than 2 weeks.  Our first open house was a huge success with all of the people coming through the home ranting and raving about what was done to the home.  Even the neighbors who had watched her crew work, commented that they couldn’t believe the transformation in two weeks.  

Nancy Horanzy is great at what she does and it is fun working with a true professional.

CJ Henderson
Broker, Licensed Real Estate Instructor and Real Estate
Coach, Keller Williams Realty Naples

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